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Gray Illustration

Gray Illustration
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I am a professional illustrator specialising in high quality technical and product illustration for either marketing or product support purposes. Marketing material frequently requires clear graphics for product description, particularly concerning function. Products often require technical documentation for installation, usage, maintenance or servicing. Such documentation benefits from clear well thought out and executed illustration and graphics. I work predominately with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, frequently in combination. Final graphics can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on the client’s requirements. #illustrator #technical #product #illustration #kuvittaja #tekninen #kuvittaminen #tuotekuvitus


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Product illustration; estimates and quotes based on client brief and provided reference material alk.
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Hi, I'm Stewart Gray an internationally experienced illustrator based in Finland, specialising in Technical, Product, Information and Packaging illustration. Working with digital media producing high class professional artwork for marketing, advertising, information and instructional purposes.